Frequently Asked Questions


What does HRMod do?

HRMod applies change management to the human resources function and the organization, so that your people practices better support your organization's goals.

Where does HRMod operate?

Our physical offices are in Placitas, New Mexico USA. We work across New Mexico and other major metropolitan areas. We are available to meet on Microsoft Teams and Zoom. During COVID, we hold live learning modules on Zoom and Eventbrite at your option.

Does HRMod have a physical location?

HRMod has a physical office in Placitas, NM USA where we meet with clients on an appointment-only basis, fully observing COVID precautions. We are also available on Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

How does HRMod charge for services?

Exploratory conversations are always no cost to you. You can schedule with us by selecting the "Let's meet" link at the top right of any page on this website. We offer a 30 minute complementary People Strategy Session. We will customize this session to meet your unique needs discussed in the initial exploratory conversation. Once you decide to take advantage of this offer, you can schedule with us by selecting the "Let's meet" link at the top right of any page on this website. Coaching and consulting services are available by subscription ranging from one month to one year.


Human Resources

What are traditional HR capabilities?

  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Performance Management
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Human Resources Information Systems

What are modernized HR capabilities?

  • Project Management and Change Control
  • Kaizen and Continuous Process Improvement
  • Organization Development and Learning
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging
  • Talent and Succession Management
  • Digital Technology, Metrics, Machine Learning and Analytics
  • Enhanced collaborations with organization leadership, information technology functions and all other functions

Does HRMod sell and/or implement HR technology for a particular vendor?

No. HRMod does not sell and/or implement HR technology for a particular vendor. We have experience implementing ServiceNow, Workday, Oracle HCM Cloud, ADP and more; and we promote a true integrated digital approach. We attend the HR Technology Conference and participate in the Josh Bersin Academy where we learn about cool stuff versus hype. We will gladly share our learning. Beyond this we remain technology neutral.

Does HRMod replace my HR department?

No, HRMod does not replace an HR department. We partner with you and your HR team to build strategies and plans. Along the way, we equip you with an operating model and the knowledge to sustain these strategies yourselves. We support you in a coaching and consulting context. We can also serve in an HR leadership capacity during HR executive search activities and help you select the right candidate to sustain your new strategies and plans.

Organization Development

Organization Development

What is Organization Development (OD) Consulting?

Organization development is a purposeful change effort involving people and organization culture, rooted in scientific theories and resarch such as human motivation, behavior, industrial/organizational psychology, leadership, and more. Organization development is a planned, organization-wide or system-wide effort, the purpose of which is increasing organization effectiveness, efficiency or health.

How does OD compare to other development such as Human Resources Development or Leadership Development?

Organization development deals with intentional system-wide change to increase organization effectiveness, efficiency or health. Other forms of development such as human resources development, personal development, team development, learning and development, or training share the primary purpose to develop people.

Does HRMod coaching qualify as certified coaching?

Yes. All HRMod coaches are certified by The World Business & Executive Coach Summit (WBECS) or International Coaching Federation (ICF). All coaches specialize in leadership and executive coaching.

Can HRMod act as my OD or coaching function?

Yes. Whether short or long term, HRMod is an excellent way to fulfill your OD and Coaching needs in areas of People Strategy, HR Strategy and Leadership Strategy - when you do not need your own full time OD function. We offer three to 12 month contracts or monthly retainers that are of greater benefit to you than an underutilized OD or coaching function.